DrinkSense provides the facts so you can make informed choices about alcohol. Choices that can bring positive influences to your life like adding more energy to your days, creating unforgettable memories and improving your overall well-being.

If you choose to drink alcohol, here you will find tips, tools and information to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Lower Risk Drinking

People drink on all sorts of occasions – when celebrating, socializing or just hanging out.

If you choose to drink, following Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines can have a positive influence on your health and help you create a balanced lifestyle.

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Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, based on scientific evidence, were developed by experts to help adults reduce the health and safety risks associated with drinking alcohol.

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Be the Influence

Be a positive influence for kids when it comes to alcohol.

The Be the Influence program can help you talk to your children about alcohol throughout their growing years. As parents, understanding the risks of underage drinking and having conversations with your children about alcohol can help them make safe and informed decisions.

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With Child Without Alcohol

Did you know that no amount of liquor is safe to drink if you're pregnant?

The With Child Without Alcohol program is for women and their partners, family and friends. The program's resource guide provides information about alcohol use during pregnancy to help prevent alcohol-related disabilities like Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

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Be UnDrunk

Binge and excessive drinking can harm young adults and it’s risky no matter your age.

The Be UnDrunk program encourages young adults who drink to follow some guidelines about how often and how much they drink on any one occasion.

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