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Economic Impact

People, communities and businesses across Manitoba benefit from our economic contributions.
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Profits Stay in Manitoba

Our core mandate is to provide revenue to the Government of Manitoba to support provincial programs and initiatives in areas such as healthcare, education, social services, housing and infrastructure. One hundred percent of the money we earn is invested back in the province. For us, making a profit will always go hand in hand with operating responsibly.

$610.4 million
earned for the province in 2017/18


Quality Jobs Created

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries employs approximately 3000 people who bring a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experience. We pride ourselves on hiring talented and passionate individuals who are part of a diverse workplace that represents the vibrant communities we serve.

At our casinos, we hire customer service experts, skilled tradespeople, local performers, food and beverage professionals, equipment technicians, and many others across different fields. Our knowledgeable Liquor Mart staff ensure the retail experience for our customers is both convenient and socially responsible. Our corporate employees help make our company run effectively and are always focussed on our customers.




41 languages
spoken by the employees in our company


Local business benefits

We generate thousands of additional direct and indirect jobs in the provincial economy.

In rural Manitoba, independent retailers serve their communities as local liquor vendors. Our lottery ticket and video lotto (VLT) products are delivered through networks of independent business operators. These products directly support important business sectors in Manitoba including the retail, hotel and restaurant industries. They are also sold through veterans' organizations and First Nations.

The casinos and Liquor Marts that we own and operate generate millions of dollars in spin-off economic activity per year for other businesses.

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 Here's a snapshot of 2017/18

Province of Manitoba: $610.4 million for provincial programs and initiatives related to health care, education, social services, housing and infrastructure.

Partners (from commissions, contributions, margins or handling fees):

  • Manitoba hotel and restaurant industry: $100.2 million
  • First Nations VLT siteholders: $62.8 million
  • Private liquor retailers: $18.1 million
  • Lottery retailers: $17.1 million

Local Communities

  • $3.2 million went to community sponsorships
  • $3.9 million went to the Bingo Volunteer Program in support of community, charitable and non-profit organizations

Social Responsibility: $12.0 million to support responsible gambling and responsible alcohol consumption programs, including research and treatment.


  • $121.2 million to lottery players
  • $4.7 billion to VLT players (VLT Payout Percentages: 93% customer payout, 7% revenue to Liquor and Lotteries)
  • $2.3 billion to casino electronic gaming players (Casino Payout Percentages: 92% customer payout, 8% revenue to Liquor and Lotteries)


Business partners' commissions, contributions, margins or handling fees in 2017/18:



Hotels and Restaurants


First Nations


Private Liquor Retailers


Lottery Retailers

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