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Annual Public Meeting

Recorded February 25, 2021

Our annual public meetings provide a chance for customers to hear about our business operations and ask questions about our products and services.

Manny Atwal, President & CEO, shares updates on the ways in which Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has been helping to enrich the lives of Manitobans.

Watch to gain an overview of our lines of business and their performance in fiscal 2019-2020, and how we bring corporate and social responsibility into everything we do.

Watch the presentation (25min 11sec)

Watch the Q&A portion (36min 46sec)
Click for the Q&A English Transcripts

Q&A portion

Manny answers the following questions:

  • Will there be any further secure entrances installed in Liquor Marts?
  • Will our business plan change post pandemic and Bill 40?
  • How many rural vendors will be able to sell all types of liquor after Bill 40 is passed?
  • Will corporate employees be affected by passing of Bill 40?
  • Will social responsibility funding be affected when the private sector starts to take some part of the sales in the province?
  • What will the financial impact be of COVID-19 and how will it change the organization?
  • Assuming single event sports wagering becomes legalized, what will the distribution network look like?
  • Are casinos deemed riskier to open than VLT sites in terms of COVID-19?
  • What is the future of casino gaming in terms of demographics?
  • Will private wine stores soon sell spirits?
  • Is rural curbside liquor pickup an option?
  • How does liquor home delivery ensure age verification?
  • Are casino employees deployed elsewhere during the current closure?
  • How will casinos operate if the health risks or fear of COVID-19 continue into 2022?
  • Would Bill 40 apply to casinos?
  • How does social responsibility work with online gambling?
  • Will liquor home delivery see improvements?
  • Have there been staff reductions due to COVID-19?




Alternate, accessible versions of our Quarterly Financial or Annual Reports and annual corporate business plans are available on request.

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