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Bet on the Winnipeg Jets and the Stanley Cup

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Winnipeg Jets to Win the Stanley Cup — You Bet

With NHL playoffs about to begin and our Winnipeg Jets locking up second place in the Central Division, the Jets 2.0 are poised to go further than ever this Stanley Cup race. 

Jets fans are confident in their team: So far PlayNow.com has received $13,093 over 400 bets from Manitobans wagering their hometown team will deliver Lord Stanley’s Cup to Portage & Main.

Here are some of the bets Winnipeg Jets fans can make on PlayNow.com:

  • Will the Winnipeg Jets go all the way to win the Stanley Cup? 
  • Will the Jets win the Western Conference? 
  • Will the Jets win their series against the Minnesota Wild?
  • How many games will the Jets vs Wild series run?

PlayNow.com odds indicate the Jets vs Wild series may go seven games, with 2/1 odds of that outcome. 

Even so, odds point to the Jets winning the series: Right now a $10 bet on the Jets to win the series will win you $14.40 while a $10 bet on the Wild will get you $26. 

Odds of the total score in the first game of the Jets vs Wild series exceeding five goals (49/50) are almost equal to the odds of scoring five or fewer goals (83/100), indicating the game is expected to be a pretty even match.

Winnipeg will be a flurry of white with every Jets playoff game and the fever won’t break as long as the Jets have a shift remaining in their Stanley Cup quest. Place your bets as Captain Blake Wheeler, leading scorer Patrick Laine, and star goalie Connor Hellebuyck lead their team through each playoff battle.

PlayNow.com is Manitoba’s only legal, regulated gambling website, operated by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. Learn more about NHL Playoff betting on PlayNow.com.


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