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Supporting an alcohol-free pregnancy

Supporting an alcohol-free pregnancy

As a partner, spouse, family member or friend, there are many ways that we can all support an alcohol-free pregnancy. Here are some ideas you might want to try:


Consider having non-alcoholic drinks

How about not drinking when you’re with her or maybe even not drinking at all? If you drink, it can be more difficult for her to stop.


Meet somewhere new

When making plans to get together, try meeting at new places that don’t have alcohol on the menu instead of your usual spot. How about trying a bakery or a farmer’s market?


Support lifestyle changes she makes

Before, during and after pregnancy, you can offer encouragement when she makes changes to her lifestyle such as not drinking.


Find new and fun routines

Sometimes your routines might include alcohol. Chat with her about creating new ones she’ll find fun and appealing that don’t include alcohol.


Have delicious mocktails on hand

When it’s your turn to be the host, offer a variety of mocktails and other delicious non-alcoholic drinks so she’ll be sure to find something she likes.


Offer non-alcoholic drinks discreetly

If she hasn’t told everyone she’s pregnant yet, offer her non-alcoholic drinks in a way that doesn’t bring attention to her.



When more support is needed...

If you are close to someone who is pregnant and drinking, consider these suggestions about how to help:


Ask her if she wants information or support. Don’t judge, be critical or push her towards solutions.


Refer to our Alcohol & Pregnancy Guide for services that can help. You can also visit your doctor, health care provider or nursing station to ask for advice.


Offer practical support like avoiding alcohol when you are together, caring for other children to give her a break, or attending medical or other appointments with her.
Assist her with getting the professional support she may need.


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