Liquor Service for Olympic Gold Medal Hockey

Special Provisions Authorize Liquor Service for Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Match if Canada is Participating

Interested Lounge, Dining Room, Cabaret, Private Club and Beverage Room Operators Asked to Apply by 4 p.m. Today

In response to requests for early opening to accommodate Manitoba hockey fans if Canada is playing in the gold medal game on Sunday, Feb. 23, at 6 a.m., approved lounge, dining room, cabaret, private club and beverage room licensees will be able to open and serve liquor beginning at 5 a.m.

“The Olympic games have, once again, captured Canadians’ imaginations,” said Dave Chomiak, minister responsible for regulating liquor and gaming. “If Canada is in the gold medal game, it will be an exciting event for hockey fans and we want to give them an opportunity to gather to watch it and cheer on the nation’s team.”

This is the first time service hours will have been changed to allow early morning opening. Should Canada play Sunday and hospitality outlets open to serve liquor, the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission will monitor participation to assess future regulatory options, with a strong focus on social responsibility measures.

Interested lounge, dining room, cabaret, private club and beverage room licensees are asked to contact their licensing officer at the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission to request authorization for early opening. Each application for early opening will be considered individually and a decision will be based on several factors including:

  • the premise’s location and vicinity to residential areas;
  • the strength of the licensee’s compliance history; and
  • social responsibility service record.

Authorizations will be granted under section 100 of The Liquor Control Act, which allows occasional operating hour variances and service of liquor for events of provincial, national and international importance.

“We realize that timelines are very tight, so interested businesses must get in touch today for pre-approval”, the minister said.


Media Contact:

Liz Stephenson
Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba

Licensee Contact:

Regulatory Services
Manitoba Liquor Control Commission

Note: Effective April 1, 2014, the regulation for liquor and gaming will become the responsibility of the new Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba. This new authority will bring together the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission and the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission’s Regulatory Services Division.

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