Liquor Mart Anti-Theft Strategy Update

Liquor Mart Anti-Theft Strategy Update

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is seeing encouraging results from its enhanced strategy to target Liquor Mart theft.

“Since the measures were announced in March, we have seen a 23 per cent reduction in theft and robbery incidents,” said Liquor & Lotteries President Peter Hak. “While these are still early results, we are cautiously optimistic they are trending in the right direction.”

Hak said the increased security efforts have also produced a 20% increase in the number of arrests made and a 55 per cent reduction in shrinkage (cost to Liquor Marts due to bottle theft) within all stores. “While we are pleased to see improvements in shrinkage, our number one priority is the safety of our employees and our customers,” said Hak. “We have been working closely and cooperatively with the Winnipeg Police Service to apprehend and arrest thieves and it is gratifying to see these efforts are having the desired effect.”

In mid-March the corporation announced a strategy to target increasing thefts and robberies in Liquor Marts while protecting the safety of employees and customers.
Several tactics were announced including the use of bottle locks and alarm pedestals, dummy bottles, video displays at Liquor Mart entrances, exit turnstiles, requiring customers to ask staff for high value bottles, as well as the expanded use of Winnipeg Police Service Special Duty Constables in Winnipeg Liquor Marts, and the creation of a Loss Prevention Officer team. The corporation also initiated a public information campaign to let customers know about the new measures and to warn potential thieves they would get caught.

Hak said not all measures have been implemented to date and the corporation is continuing to assess and evaluate the impact of the deterrents. He said customers may see additional measures implemented in the coming weeks and months.

“We are encouraged by these early results; however, we will continue to monitor the impact of our measures and fine tune our efforts going forward,” said Hak.


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