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Environmental Innovation

The environment is important to all of us.

At all levels of our organization, and in everything we do, we aim to be environmentally responsible.  That’s because sustainable development is not only achievable, and the right thing to do – it also makes good business sense!  Using an integrated business approach, better business outcomes can be achieved through our collective efforts.

If you want to see sustainability in action, look no further than any of our staff. You’ll see construction project managers focused on construction waste management, and building with energy and water conservation and indoor air quality in mind. You’ll meet procurement professionals buying products with added social and environmental value. You’ll discover house and grounds staff using Lake Friendly cleaning products. You’ll find business planners looking for opportunities to add social and environmental value to their business goals. And, if you decide to join our team, Human Resources staff will provide you with a deeper introduction to how we practice sustainable development at every turn.

Sustainability in action


Snapshot: our casino restaurants

It’s possibly the best-kept secret from our kitchens: you already know we have amazing buffets, restaurants and lounges – but did you know that they feature sustainable food and beverages?

Thinking globally, we only serve certified sustainable seafood, certified fair trade coffee and offer fair trade wine.  Thinking locally, we celebrate many of the great foods Manitoba has to offer by incorporating these local ingredients into our menu items. Using the Buy Manitoba definition for local food, we consistently spend about 25% of our total food budget on local ingredients.

Staff are also committed to sound restaurant management by ensuring all food wastes are composted, all cardboard and food containers are recycled, and all kitchen practices support efficient energy and water use.

Snapshot: our liquor distribution centre

At our liquor distribution centre we do more than receive, store, stock and ship products to retail stores and licensees throughout the province.  It’s also the recycling hub for all Liquor Marts in the Winnipeg region.  Cardboard, glass and mixed recycling materials are returned to the distribution centre where the items are managed as commodities and sent to local recycling companies.

Snapshot: stewardship

We are a “product steward” under the Provincial Waste Reduction and Prevention Act.   This means that we are part of the Paper and Packaging Stewardship Program and calculate the total weight of all liquor and beverage containers, packaging materials, and lottery and marketing products.  Based on those measurements, we remit payment to the Province of Manitoba to support the management of these materials within municipal waste management programs. In Fiscal 2013/14 our obligation was $670,000.

We also provide compensation to the beer vendors for accepting the return of empty beer containers.  On an annual basis we provide over $4.5 million in beer container handling fees to support vendor activities which includes refunding customers for the container deposit and preparing the empty containers for return to the distributers.


In millions

Innovation Fund

The environmental protection tax on all wine and spirit beverage containers sold in our province go directly to support research and projects that address environmental issues in Manitoba. Learn more about the Sustainable Development Innovations Fund.


Tonnes per year

Box Recycling

Cardboard boxes are reused for repacking orders at our Distribution Centre and recycled through our established commercial recycling program.


Tonnes per year

Food Composting

The Casinos of Winnipeg have collected food waste for commercial composting since 2009. This includes table leftovers as well as kitchen trimmings. Not only does this divert a lot of waste and turn it into great soil compost, but we also cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 tonnes per year.


Tonnes per year

Carbon Offset

We support the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Netley-Libau Nutrient Bioenergy Project. The project aims to reduce harmful nutrients entering Lake Winnipeg. Cattails, a fast-growing renewable plant that naturally sequesters the nutrients, are harvested and made into fuel pellets. Learn more.

Sustainability in action (continued)


Snapshot: offsetting greenhouse gas emissions

We calculate our greenhouse gas emissions annually and work to reduce them.  We also support projects that help make us carbon-neutral. Since 2011 we have provided $160,000 per year to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). By harvesting and processing cattail plants from the Netley-Libau marsh and other marsh systems, the IISD is trying to demonstrate a new way to reduce harmful phosphorous in Lake Winnipeg, while creating a marketable carbon offset and supporting habitat conservation.

Snapshot: being lake friendly

Lake Friendly is a non-profit organization supporting the improvement of water quality in Lake Winnipeg and the health of the rivers and streams flowing into it. Lake Friendly recognizes businesses that help reduce impacts to our waterways.  For us, this includes having a sustainable procurement policy (like eco-certified pickerel, seen in photo), purchasing goods made from manufacturers that have taken steps to protect waterways, employing landscape maintenance that minimizes impacts through road drains and other catchment areas, supporting water conservation, and ensuring the proper recycling and management of spent electronics, batteries and light bulbs.

Accreditations & Awards

Sustainable Buildings

BOMA BESt is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. We have made great strides reducing our use of energy and water, and other improvements across our facilities. Currently our 1555 Buffalo offices and liquor distribution centre are certified BOMA BESt.

Water Stewardship

Liquor & Lotteries supports the Lake Friendly Accord, which works to reverse the damage caused by excess nutrients entering our waterways. Discover how you can become lake friendly at home, school, and work.

Animal Care

Club Regent Casino's walk-through saltwater aquarium is accredited by CAZA, which means among other things that our fish have been sustainably sourced. It also features an educational touch screen that connects visitors with our aquarium's residents.

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