BINGO! – $1 Million Winner at Club Regent Casino

BINGO! – $1 Million Winner at Club Regent Casino


April 4, 2024, Winnipeg, MB – Monica Bouma didn’t know she had just won Canada’s largest Bingo Millions® jackpot at Club Regent Casino, she just knew she got a bingo!

“The lady sitting beside me said, ‘You just won a million.’ I was like, no way and she’s like, ‘Yes you did.’ Then I was surrounded by workers like I robbed the place, which I kinda did,” she joked. “It still hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Monica and her boyfriend were visiting Club Regent Casino on Saturday, March 9, specifically to play bingo and Bingo Millions®, and to get an early start celebrating her upcoming birthday.

“He’d never played bingo, so he said, ‘Since you like playing, you can teach me.’ He was expecting a beginner’s lesson, not an expert one,” she laughed. “I looked at my screen and it showed two numbers away (from a bingo). The next two numbers were mine and I’m like, ‘I got a bingo.’”

Since the big win, Monica is looking forward to taking life a bit easier and spending more time with her daughter. “Now I don’t have to worry and it’s the best feeling ever!”

Monica won the $1 million jackpot by a covering all her Bingo Millions® card in the first 47 numbers or less. Other Bingo Millions® top prize levels include: coverall in 48 numbers for $25,000; coverall in 49 numbers for $10,000; coverall in 50 numbers for $5,000, and other lower prize levels.

“We are thrilled that Monica won the first $1 million Bingo Millions® jackpot at Casinos of Winnipeg,” said James Anastasio, Executive Vice President, Gaming & Entertainment, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. “We hope this prize will help Monica and her family achieve their dreams. Bingo Millions® has been extremely popular with guests since we became the first Canadian property to offer it in December 2022.”

Bet Rite President Billy MacLellan said, “As the Canadian distributor for Bingo Millions®, we along with the game’s creator Gaming Arts, congratulate Monica on winning the first $1 million Bingo Millions® jackpot in Canada. We are proud of our ongoing partnership with the Casinos of Winnipeg and delighted to see the $1 million win occur right here in the heart of the country, Winnipeg, Manitoba.”

Bingo Millions® is available for play during matinee, evening, sunset, and sunrise sessions, and only at the Casinos of Winnipeg.


Communications & Corporate Affairs Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Cheque presentation photo available upon request.

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