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Vision, Mission & Values


To exceed customer expectations while supporting our communities.


Innovative and responsible delivery of quality products and entertainment, generating revenue for Manitoba.


 Importance of People: Foster a positive and diverse workplace and work together towards our common goals.

 Responsibility: Demonstrate responsible business, social, and environmental practices.

 Integrity and Fairness: Be respectful, ethical and fully accountable for our actions and decisions.

 Service Excellence: Provide superior service to our customers, partners and co-workers.

 Innovation: Learn from our experiences, embrace change and encourage innovation.

Strategic Pillars

 Customers: Maintaining satisfied customers and increasing our customer base.

 Effectiveness: Delivering profitable growth and quality products while embracing innovation.

 Responsibility: Committed to business integrity, community investment, environmental sustainability practices, and encouraging the responsible use of our products and services.

 Employees: Building a new shared culture with an engaged and diverse workforce that is knowledgeable, in a respectful and safe workplace.

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