MBLL Moving into Next Phase of Growth

MBLL Moving into Next Phase of Growth
to Deliver on Manitobans' Priorities

The Board of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries today announced that it will focus the corporation’s strategies towards growth and refinement of its core operations. This will include developing new ideas, new projects and new approaches to strengthen the organization while improving its liquor products and gaming and entertainment services. This will ensure MBLL is aptly positioned for a future that meets the needs of its customers and Manitobans. 

“As a Board, our job is to maximize the positive impact MBLL can have on the Manitoba economy and in the lives of all Manitobans,” said Board Chair, Polly Craik. “Clear strategic direction, sound business principles and strong executive leadership are the keys to ensuring we are well positioned to support the province through our core operations.”

As part of this new direction, current CEO John Stinson will depart the organization. Peter Hak, an MBLL executive who has held several senior portfolios since joining Manitoba Lotteries in 1984, will become interim CEO effective immediately.

“John played a key role in guiding MBLL through a period of significant change, and we thank him for his leadership,” Craik said. “Peter will have the Board’s full support through this important transition.”

Stinson, who joined the corporation in February 2015 said, “It was a privilege to serve Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries during a time of change, and I wish the organization every success moving forward.”


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