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Entertaining for Good - Our Approach

Our approach

We fund organizations that deliver problem gambling and alcohol addiction services in Manitoba. This includes funding the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba that provides gambling and alcohol prevention and treatment services across the province as well as Community Financial Counselling Services to increase access to specialists who can assist in developing debt management plans in relation to gambling problems. 
Our employees and those of VLT venues and lottery ticket centres take social responsibility training.

Casino staff are trained to help players get accurate information on how gambling works, and answer questions about the Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program and Problem Gambling Helpline.

Liquor Mart staff are trained in age identification and not selling to intoxicated persons or adults buying for minors.

At VLT sites, employees learn about how gambling works, VLT responsible gambling features, player information and problem gambling services.

Lottery retailer training focuses on age identification requirements, player information and problem gambling services.

Research is an essential part of delivering our social responsibility commitment. We use research results to make evidence-based decisions and improve the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Liquor & Lotteries conducts research and program evaluations on our own and with partners provincially and across Canada.

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Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries conducts sustainable procurement. This means that we consider environmental and social values when purchasing goods and services. Our goal is to support positive change along supply chains. 

We promote Fair Trade, a market-based system that uses consumer support to influence international trade practices toward greater social and environmental sustainability, by stocking certified fair trade wines at Liquor Marts and serving certified fair trade coffee and wine at our casinos. 

Procurement strategies help the local community prosper, too. Our casino chefs support “Buy Manitoba” and purchase local ingredients to prepare foods within our restaurants. When we conduct large renovation projects, the construction tenders adhere to Manitoba’s Aboriginal Persons Training and Development policy and Apprenticeship Training and Development policy.

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