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What’s happening with liquor thefts?

Like other Manitobans, we’re frustrated and disheartened about the number of thefts at Liquor Marts and other retailers. This problem affects all stores, from grocery to electronics, and it has created a burden on law enforcement, store security and employees.

While not always publicized in the news, we of course work closely the Winnipeg Police Service and arrests are being made. When a theft happens, our store employees are trained to first and foremost reduce the risk of harm to customers and themselves.

The safety of our employees and customers will always come first.

For this reason, we strongly urge the public to not intervene in thefts inside or outside of our stores:

• Do not record thieves with your smartphone.
• Do not try to stop, tackle or hold thieves.
• Do not talk to thieves.
• Do not follow thieves.
• Do not try to recover stolen product.

There is no easy solution, but we assure you that we won’t stop exploring every option to thwart thieves. Some of these are visible to customers and others are not. We are also receiving suggestions from the public. Please be assured that we do appreciate your comments and take them into consideration. Due to the high number of comments we cannot respond to all of them.

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