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Tips to keep it fun

How many of these do you know?

 Plan a safe way home.

Before you leave for your night out, figure out how you'll get home. Keep some money for a taxi or bus fare.

Know your limits.

Before going out, decide on a drink limit that's right for you and stick to it.

Drink slowly.

Have some non-alcoholic drinks. Take a pass on shots and top-ups. Avoid drinking games.

Stick to your limit.

Measure and pour your own drinks, and keep them standard size. Once you reach your limit, switch to pop or water.

Eat before or while you drink.

Your body absorbs alcohol more slowly when your stomach is full. That’s why it’s best to eat before or while you drink instead of after.

Drink defensively.

Make sure no one adds anything to your drink. Get your own, drink your own, watch your own.



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There's a lot more information on how to enjoy liquor responsibly. Learn what else you can do to engage your DrinkSense.

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If you're concerned about your drinking or that of someone you know, there are more problem drinking resources you can turn to.

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