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Aboriginal Youth Sports Funded

Thousands of Aboriginal youth in Manitoba are getting a chance to engage in sports and extra-curricular activities over the summer and after school thanks to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.

Manitoba’s commits 15% of revenues to Aboriginal youth programing, via the Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre (WASAC) and the Manitoba Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Council (MASRC). These organizations are receiving $125,000 annually for three years starting 2015.

“The hundreds of young people we work with every day at WASAC are proud of where they are from, proud of who they are, and want to give back,” said Trevor LaForte, executive director at WASAC.  “This new support means more role models and leaders in our neighbourhoods and more activities where kids can find belonging, be healthy and have fun.”

One of WASAC’s programs is Adventure Summer Kids Camp, which provides Aboriginal children ages 7-12 in Winnipeg the opportunity to attend a summer camp. Registration, transportation, nutrition, and equipment are all provided at no cost. Over 1,800 children from over 70 schools participate in sports, recreation, cultural activities, crafts, educational games, daily swimming and a weekly field trip. The Kids Camp operates at the Old Exhibition Grounds. 

Read the news release for more information.


We aim to partner with our communities in meaningful, impactful ways that add lasting value to the lives of Manitobans. Liquor & Lotteries has developed a range of unique programs that allow us to connect with your community in ways that make the most of our resources and yours. About 600 organizations each year are supported in the areas of arts and culture, sports, health, environment, education and tourism.

-Peter Hak, Acting CEO


In Community Funding

We support nonprofit community and charitable organizations in arts and culture, health, environment, education, sports and tourism. We support many of your favourite festivals and have a deep impact in your community through charitable poker tournaments, asset donations and many other community programs.


Volunteer hours

Employees, friends and family volunteer at our sponsored events and independently in their communities. We encourage and acknowledge volunteerism and community fundraising. It contributes to work-life balance, offers a chance to spend time with family and friends, and makes a difference in our communities.


Organizations helped

From organizations in arts and culture to health, the environment, education, sports and tourism, last year we supported 600 nonprofit community and charitable organizations. Through sponsorships, asset donations and many more community programs we are working with you to make a difference in your communities.

Basic Eligibility

To save you time, please check your organization’s eligibility before applying to a program. The following applies to all of our programs. We'll contact you about 30 days after we receive your application.

 The organization has a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity number or non-profit designation and can demonstrate sound financial practices.

 The organization is based in our province or has a Manitoba division.

 The majority of funds raised, stay in our province and primarily benefit Manitobans.

 The event or project is broad-based and appeals to large audiences reaching as many Manitobans as possible.

 The event or project has significant economic gains for the host community.

 The event or project provides benefits to urban, rural and/or northern regions of the province.

 Focus on arts and culture, health, professional and amateur sport or broad based provincial initiatives.

 Provide branding/recognition opportunities and demonstrates a reasonable return on investment.

 Are event and activity driven.

 Reach a targeted audience specific to our business objectives.

 Have a direct business relationship to one or more of our brands.

 Provide an opportunity for product education.

 Provide a volunteer opportunity for our employees.

 Are community or neighborhood initiatives and take place at one of our sites.

 Individual or commercial pursuits (trip, wedding social).

 Research, ongoing and large capital funding or endowment campaigns or projects.

 Core funding and or ongoing operational costs.

 National fundraising campaigns.

 Political parties, initiatives or candidates.

 Organizations with a controversial mission.

 Initiatives or events that are national or international in scope where Manitoba is not the host.

 Events located outside of Manitoba or that are for people outside of Manitoba.

 For-profit organizations.

 Fundraising events by religious organizations that limit accessibility or community inclusion.

 Pledge based fundraisers.

 Conferences, seminars and workshops not tied to our organization or business objectives.

 Events or organizations of a narrow scope.

 Fraternal or advocacy organizations.

 Federal, provincial, municipal and city departments.

 Community based teams or clubs and events (Scouts, choirs, athletic tournaments, individual athletes or teams, 4H).

Support in your


Sport can play a major role in the physical and emotional well-being of children. The Flight Deck Program encourages youth involvement in amateur athletics, and recognizes the volunteer efforts of their coaches and assistant coaches. Sport teams can apply to attend a Winnipeg Jets or Winnipeg Blue Bombers home game.

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We look for sponsorships that align with our core business interests and promote quality of life in Manitoba through arts and culture, health, major sporting events and broad based provincial initiatives.

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The Community Festival Program builds stronger relationships with rural communities in Manitoba with a focus on volunteerism at the festivals, fairs and rodeos celebrated province-wide. These events have the opportunity to unify and celebrate their volunteer efforts and ensure the volunteers don’t go unnoticed.

Financial support is a maximum contribution of $2,000 using the formula of $20 per volunteer. For example, a festival with 75 volunteers would receive $1,500 (75 x $20). Branded shirts are also provided for volunteers to wear during the event. As part of our support, we seek the exclusive title sponsorship of “Volunteer Sponsor.” 

Application deadline:

  • January 1st for all festivals happening between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

How to apply:

  1. Review the Basic Eligibility criteria above.
  2. Click on the ‘Apply Here’ button below to start your online submission. At the end of the application, you will have a chance to upload any supporting documentation.

*IMPORTANT: Please enter your festival name in the "*Request Name" field:

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As part of our sponsorship of golf tournaments, our Community Events Team may participate, based on the terms of sponsorship. Apply prior to November 1 for consideration.
*IMPORTANT: Please enter your Organization name in the "*Request Name" field:

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Over the years, bingo players have gradually migrated from paper bingo to electronic bingo. This declining interest has eliminated the need for volunteers at casino bingo sessions. Groups currently scheduled for bingo between January and March 2017 will still receive payment without needing to volunteer onsite. Funding will continue in Fiscal 2017-18. If you have any questions please contact your umbrella organization listed on the Bingo Volunteer Program page linked below.

More Info

Our employees volunteer and fundraise in their communities for a wide variety of organizations. Together, they also select and support a Charity of Choice to receive up to $100,000. Each campaign is organized and managed by an employee-driven committee.

Check back regularly for details about upcoming campaigns.

Previous Charities of Choice

Support by


Organizations may request up to 48 decks of playing cards per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). This limit is in place so that we can accommodate as many groups as possible in this popular program. Cards must be used for recreational purposes only, not be used by anyone under the age of 18, and not be re-sold. Please pick up cards within 3 weeks of receiving notification.

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Does your organization need equipment or furniture? We occasionally have used assets that are available for donation. Organizations may submit a wish list of items needed by filling out an application form. We keep these forms on file until such items become available. Items are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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We donate merchandise to a variety of fundraising community events as a way of demonstrating our commitment to local communities and causes. An item of approximately $25 value is typically provided to organizations (not individuals) that make requests.

 Please review the Basic Eligibility criteria above before submitting your application.

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Charitable organizations wishing to place a coin box in Liquor Mart retail stores can apply by clicking the link below.  Organizations that are selected will be allowed to place coin boxes in select Liquor Mart locations for one month.

Applications must be received by June 30th for placement during the following calendar year (i.e. all requests for Jan. - Oct. 2018 must be received by June 30, 2017).  If selected, groups will be notified by the end of September.

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