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Manny Atwal - President & Chief Executive Officer

Manny Atwal

President & Chief Executive Officer

Manny joined Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries in November 2019 and is responsible for the corporation’s annual business performance, daily operations, and the achievement of strategic goals. All members of the Executive Management Committee report to him.

Prior to joining our corporation, Manny was Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy for StandardAero’s global helicopter program. He was with the international aerospace company for more than 27 years, holding Executive / Vice President roles since 2007 within StandardAero’s portfolio of global programs. In these roles, he led various company transformations, growth programs and corporate integrations. Additionally, he implemented several strategic plans to achieve organizational goals that best served employees, customers, and shareholders.

Manny earned his Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree with a double major in Marketing and Accounting from the Asper School of Business. He is a member of the Associates of the Asper School of Business and has been an active member of that institution’s Young Associates as Board Member, Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair.

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