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Brenda Tobac - Director

Brenda Tobac


Brenda Tobac has over 19 years of business experience, mainly focused on risk management. Her current role is Surety Practice Lead for HUB International. She is responsible for developing new business relationships and insurance and assurance solutions as well as managing risk relationships between insurers and insureds.

Prior to Surety, Brenda spent 10 years in mid-market commercial banking where she managed banking relationships, structured financing solutions, and brought in appropriate banking partners for mid-market corporations. Brenda has also practiced cross-border taxation at Deloitte and Arthur Andersen. She has both a Bachelor of Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Dakota as well as a Certified Public Accountant designation. Brenda is currently completing the Institute of Corporate Directors -Rotman Director Education Program.

Brenda has participated on boards and chaired committees focused mainly on pensions, children, health and education.

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