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Our Accessibility Plan

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is proud to share our 2019-2020 Accessibility Plan, developed in cooperation with the Manitoba disability community. Removing and preventing barriers to customer service throughout our organization will be an ongoing process based on consultation and feedback, so please let us know how we're doing by contacting our Accessibility Coordinator at 204-957-2500 extension 8476 or accessibility@mbll.ca

Download a printable version of our Accessibility Plan:

2019-2020 Accessibility Plan (PDF) 2019-2020 Accessibility Plan (DOCX)

Previous accessibility plan:

2016-18 Accessibility Plan (.PDF)  2016-18 Accessibility Plan (.DOCX)

This publication is available in alternate formats upon request. 

​Overview of programs and services


A Crown corporation of the Province of Manitoba, we distribute and sell liquor, and provide gambling and entertainment experiences, in a socially responsible manner. 

As the wholesaler and distributor of liquor in Manitoba, we serve more than 1,700 commercial customers through our distribution centre. We also operate all Liquor Mart and Liquor Mart Express outlets in the province.

Our Club Regent and McPhillips Station Casinos feature table games, slots, bingo, restaurants, lounges, and live shows throughout the year. Our video lottery terminal (VLT) network supports the hospitality industry across the province, while PlayNow.com offers Manitobans a safe, secure and legal way to play online. 

We are the exclusive supplier of break-open tickets and bingo paper in Manitoba, and distribute and sell Western Canada Lottery products through a network of independently-owned lottery retailers.

Our customers

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries provides products, services and entertainment to customers 18 years and older. Our customers are primarily residents of Manitoba, but we also deliver services to the many tourists visiting our province. Consumers of our products and entertainment services span a wide range of demographics and we strive to ensure our products meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Accessibility achievements

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries continually looks to identify, remove and prevent barriers to people with disabilities. The corporation has taken various steps to foster an accessible organization and workplace including:

  • Developed an Accessibility Policy for ensuring the corporation meets requirements that satisfy The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its supporting standards. Responsibility is assigned to the Vice-President, Corporate Services to ensure its importance is recognized at the Executive level of the organization.
  • Employs staff dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion and provides education on related topics to create staff awareness. A new diversity policy and long-term diversity strategy are under development, while an internal diversity network brings together employees from various employment equity groups to learn about and discuss diversity issues, including disabilities.
  • All properties are systematically brought up to meet current building code requirements and accessibility standards when we undertake renovations for our owned and leased properties.
  • Assistive devices such as headsets, accessible seating, personal sound amplifiers, pens and paper, lowered scanners, and wireless payment devices are made available at no charge to customers.
  • Accessibility seats include, for purchase, support persons seating adjacent to them.
  • Service animals have full access to all spaces available to customers and are provided space next to the guest at events.
  • Public tastings, education events, and annual public meetings are held at accessible venues.
  • Job applications are accepted online and in-person at all locations. 
  • Home delivery of liquor products is available in Winnipeg and Brandon.
  • The theme of inclusivity and awareness is integrated into employee events.
  • Training helps staff differentiate behaviours between intoxicated people and people with a developmental disability to avoid misinterpretation.
  • eLearning courses are provided to arm staff with the information they need to recognize and address discrimination and barriers when encountered.
  • Managers and employees are responsible for creating a work environment where no form of discrimination is tolerated and where all customers feel welcome and able to enjoy our products and services.


Accessibility Barriers 

In an effort to better understand the barriers to accessibility encountered at Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, surveys were conducted to collect feedback regarding accessibility from the public, disability organizations, and employees. 

Some of the barriers identified include:


  • Staff would benefit from consistent and up-to-date training on how to address and communicate with persons with disabilities, accommodation of service animals in facilities, awareness of potential accessibility barriers in the procurement of goods and services, how to respond to and address identified barriers, providing reasonable alternatives where barriers exist and providing notice of temporary barriers.

Physical and architectural

  • Not all sites meet the accessible parking capacity requirements set out in the City of Winnipeg Accessible Design Standard, which came into effect in 2015. All corporate locations provide, at a minimum, accessible parking stall capacity required by provincial building code. 
  • While our facilities are being continuously upgraded, not all sites currently meet accessibility requirements. The majority of our buildings are leased and may require coordination and approval from the landlord to remove barriers.
  • Not all gaming devices, products and equipment are accessible. Many features are supplier/manufacturer-driven and may require coordination to improve accessibility.

Informational and communication

  • Communications materials such as websites and print materials do not all use plain language or are available in alternate formats.
  • A document describing employee training on accessibility, including a summary of the training content and when it is offered, is currently unavailable.


  • Websites are not all fully accessible.
  • No ability to accept TTY (text telephone) calls from customers.


  • PlayNow’s customer support line, hosted by BCLC, does not support or permit the use of support persons calling on behalf of a registered player.
  • A two-way feedback channel is required for exchanging information on discovered barriers, temporary barriers, how to access information in alternate formats, and other accessibility-related concerns.


Accessibility plan

On an ongoing basis, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries monitors The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its related standards. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries’ policies, including its Accessibility Policy, are reviewed, and if required, updated annually to ensure consistency. These policies are available in alternate formats upon request.

Statement of Commitment

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries believes in diversity and inclusion. We are committed to equal access and participation for all people, regardless of their abilities. We are committed to treating all people in the way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We are committed to identifying, removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and meeting the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act.


1. Create a framework to ensure equal access and participation for people with disabilities


  • Assign executive level responsibility to ensure Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries satisfies The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and its supporting standards.
  • Assign an Accessibility Coordinator to manage accessibility requirements and development initiatives across departments.
  • Ensure all staff are responsible for identification and reporting of existing barriers in a timely manner, and recognize requirement to not introduce new barriers.
  • Ensure that members of the disability community are consulted with respect to the development of accessibility plans and processes.
  • Ensure that the accessibility plan is reviewed and updated annually.
  • Develop appropriate policies to ensure that facilities are accessible for inspection and accountability.

Expected outcomes

  • Executive responsibility (Vice President, Corporate Services) assigned overall responsibility.
  • A working group is created and maintained with representation across departments, to review, remove and prevent accessibility barriers.
  • Members of the disability community are consulted with and engaged to identify barriers and provide advice on solutions where required.
  • Accessibility plan is continuously reviewed and up to date with current practices and technologies.
  • Accessibility plan is made public and available in alternate formats.
  • Facilities are accessible for inspection and accountability under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act.
  • Accessibility priorities are included into the organizational plan, strategies, and budget.

2. Provide accessible customer service


  • Review and update policies as necessary to ensure accessible customer service for the products and services offered.
  • Review and maintain related employee training, and ensure staff are regularly scheduled for updated training.
  • Create process for clear and accessible communication of temporary barriers.
  • Implement a feedback mechanism to receive and respond to internal & external feedback regarding accessibility directed to the organization. 
  • Maintain a record of internal & external feedback regarding accessibility directed to the organization, including resolution of barriers or provision of reasonable alternatives.
  • Create a new communications guide for publications that ensures accessibility including plain language, alternate formats, large print, etc.
  • Develop an event planning guide to ensure all Liquor & Lotteries-hosted events are accessible.

Expected outcomes

  • Clear and up to date policies for identifying and removing barriers and responding to customer needs for accommodation, including assistive devices, support persons and service animals.
  • Staff are trained to anticipate and address accessibility barriers in advance and respond to customer requests for accommodation.
  • Staff are trained to provide reasonable accommodation and are prepared to work with customers to offer alternatives when a barrier cannot be removed.
  • Staff are trained in communicating temporary barriers.
  • Information regarding temporary barriers is readily available in multiple formats.
  • Customers and employees have a clear and accessible manner in which to report and receive feedback regarding barriers and accessibility. 
  • Liquor & Lotteries public events are accessible to all, and there is a process and protocol to request and receive accommodation and materials.

3. Provide accessible information and communications


  • Develop an Accessibility page on corporate website (i.e. mbll.ca).
  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure all websites are compliant for accessibility and follow current web accessibility development standards.
  • Work with BCLC to ensure hosted PlayNow.com site and related customer services are accessible.

Expected outcomes

  • Information regarding accessibility commitments and plans are clear and readily accessible.
  • All Liquor & Lotteries websites are accessible.
  • Influence BCLC to comply where required with applicable accessibility requirements for websites.

4. Create and maintain an accessible workplace that encourages a diverse workforce


  • Review recruitment efforts to ensure that employment opportunities are broadly advertised to the disability community.
  • Review job descriptions and identify and remove barriers to employment where reasonable.
  • Create interview protocols with a proactive emphasis on accessibility and meeting the accommodation needs of job applicants.
  • Ensure information on requesting accommodation is accessible and available to all employees, especially new employees during orientation.
  • Ensure information regarding Liquor & Lotteries’ diversity strategy and accommodation policies is readily accessible to all employees.
  • Ensure that all onboarding training is available in accessible formats.
  • Ensure professional and personal development training is available in accessible formats.

Expected outcomes

  • Applications received from persons with disabilities for employment with Liquor & Lotteries.
  • Job descriptions will not unreasonably exclude persons with disabilities from seeking opportunities within the corporation.
  • Interview processes that do not create barriers for persons with disabilities.
  • New employees are made aware of how to request and receive accommodation.
  • New employees are able to have access to a network of coworkers committed to raising awareness and celebrating diversity & inclusion in the workforce.
  • A diverse and inclusive workforce that ensures employees are supported, provided with the training and accommodation required to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, and promotes professional development and career advancement.

5. Create and maintain barrier-free facilities and workplaces


  • Review facilities and workplaces and identify and remove barriers. 
  • Create policies and protocols on accommodations required when a barrier cannot be removed and develop or provide reasonable alternatives.
  • Create policies and protocols to remove barriers as efficiently as possible when identified.
  • In coordinating facility and site renovations, ensure all applicable building codes and bylaws with respect to accessibility are met.
  • In addition to all applicable building codes and bylaws, at the time of renovating, we will consider other accessibility options.
  • Ensure all future lease acquisitions include mandatory accessibility standards as part of the scheduled specifications.
  • Work with the disability community to regularly audit facilities and workplaces for accessibility barriers.

Expected outcomes

  • Barrier-free facilities and workplaces.
  • Accommodations and/or alternatives are readily available when a barrier cannot be removed from a facility or work place.
  • Removal and prevention of barriers is included and considered in facility maintenance and renovations on an ongoing basis.
  • Future leased space includes specifications for accessibility.
  • Ongoing improvements are made in consultation with the disability community.

6. Monitor progress


  • Accessibility Coordinator, with assistance of the Liquor & Lotteries working group, to track progress on challenges and requests for accommodations. Accessibility Coordinator to report regularly to senior management.
  • Accessibility Coordinator to consult regularly with disability community on plans and progress.
  • Future plans and budgets to be integrated into operational plans.
  • Communications to include progress report and update on The Accessibility for Manitobans Act in Liquor & Lotteries’ annual report and/or diversity report.

Expected outcomes

  • Executive and senior management is aware of progress made on compliance with The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and considers future plans.
  • Annual report and/or diversity report includes a section highlighting progress on accessibility compliance obligations.
  • Accessibility plan is posted on website and available in alternate formats.




Appendix A:  Accessible Customer Service Standards


These standards have been developed to ensure that Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) strives to provide equal access and participation for people with disabilities; supports the management of Customer Accessibility Services; and complies with applicable municipal, provincial, and federal laws. 


1. Services We Provide 

1.1 All MBLL properties are wheelchair accessible, maintain accessible parking, offer accessible and gender neutral accessible washrooms, and allow for service dogs. 

Communication – MBLL will make reasonable efforts to ensure that, when communicating with a person who self-identifies as being disabled by a barrier, the communication is done in a manner that takes into account the barrier and that alternative formats are made available upon request. MBLL will make reasonable efforts to ensure that when preparing digital communications, accessibility barriers are taken into account and alternative formats are made available upon request. MBLL will make reasonable efforts to ensure that information regarding our products and services, accessible features, and temporary barriers are available on our website. 

Assistive Devices – A person who is disabled by a barrier may use assistive devices to remove or reduce barriers, and the measures and practices MBLL uses will reasonably accommodate the use of the assistive devices. 

Support Person – A support person may accompany a person who is disabled by a barrier provided the support person meets the age requirements for the facility and is eligible to enter. 

MBLL will do its best to ensure that if the support person is required to pay an amount to be admitted to or be present at the premises (e.g. at a Club Regent Event Centre event), MBLL will ensure advance notice is given of the amount payable in respect of the support person. 

Service Animals – A person who is disabled by a barrier may be accompanied by a service animal (i.e. service animal as defined in The Human Rights Code). 

1.2 Liquor Mart and Express Stores

  • Wheelchair accessible. 

1.3 Table Games Services

  • Table games are wheelchair accessible. 
  • Table game dealers assist the visually impaired player by announcing both the player and the dealer’s cards without compromising the integrity of the game. 
  • Table games dealers will also explain house rules and strategy. 

1.4 Slots & Bingo Services

  • Slot machines are wheelchair accessible. 
  • Chairs will be removed from interactive machines upon customer request to accommodate wheelchairs. 
  • Braille and tactile bingo cards with enlarged print are available upon customer request. 

1.5 Restaurants & Lounges

  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Large print menus are available upon request. 

1.6 Club Regent Event Centre

  • Wheelchair accessible seating area
  • Sound amplification devices available upon request
  • Large assistive devices (i.e. walkers) can be checked-in and stored upon request
  • On a case-by-case basis, temporary access is granted at no charge to support persons to assist patrons to seating.

1.7 Services Not Provided

Due to the nature of the services we provide, certain requests for accommodation may be deemed unreasonable due to the skill level and safety requirements of staff, or strict controls to protect the operation of the business. Services we are not able to provide include: 

  • Assistance to game (rules and strategy on table games are the exception)
  • Assistance to leave the property with a customer is not permitted
  • Assistance with personal hygiene 
  • Assistance with loading wheelchairs or scooters into vehicles 
  • Assistance with transferring to and from a wheelchair. 
  • Assistance with ATMs 

Note: Any situations not listed above or questions that have not been dealt with prior are directed to the manager for clarification. 

2. Built Environment 

2.1 The built environment within our properties is intended to facilitate barrier-free access (eg. accessible washrooms). If barrier-free access becomes unavailable for use, a temporary barrier protocol will be followed and, if necessary, signs will be posted to outline the reasons why and details for alternate access and length of unavailability if available. 

3. Events 

3.1 When MBLL holds a public event (i.e., annual meeting), we will take reasonable measures to ensure: 

  • Notice of the event is given in a manner that is accessible to persons disabled by barriers; 
  • The event is held in a meeting space that is accessible; 
  • The physical and communication needs of persons disabled by barriers are met upon request; and, 
  • Notice is given that persons disabled by barriers may request that relevant supports be provided. 

4. Training 

4.1 MBLL will train staff and volunteers, as soon as reasonably practical after the person is assigned the applicable duties, on: 

  • How to interact and communicate with persons disabled by barriers, 
  • How to interact and communicate with persons disabled by barriers who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a support person or service animal, 
  • How to use any equipment or assistive devices that may be available to assist persons disabled by barriers, and, 
  • What to do if a person disabled by a particular barrier is having difficulty accessing services. 
  • The Human Rights Code, Accessibility for Manitobans Act and Customer Service Standard Regulation. 
  • On-going training for changes to MBLL’s measures, policies and standards relating to providing barrier free access. 

5. Accessible Customer Service Feedback 

The following person must be contacted when providing feedback or filing an accessible customer service concern:

Accessibility Coordinator
Phone: 204-957-2500 x2341
Address: 830 Empress Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3G 3H3

The appropriate documentation, action and follow up are to be made in a timely fashion (within 3 business days).

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